Thursday, 17 December 2015

What Is The Best Termites Bait System?

There is no doubt that termites are one of the most toughest and nasty pests that human beings encounter almost on a daily basis. They are often referred to as silent destroyers because by the time the damage has been done it would have been very late in most of the cases. They are extremely versatile and they find out ways and means by which they can keep coming back over and over again. There have been many instances where people have lost millions of dollars to these deadly pests and they also have posed grave health challenges. 

It is therefore not very surprising that those who have been impacted or even those who have been spared of termites are looking at ways and means by which they could be kept in check or even exterminated if possible. While there are conventional ways by which these pests can be exterminated including use of chemicals and other synthetic agents, in many cases they are not found suitable because of various reasons. First and foremost they are equally harmful and toxic on human beings and pets as they are on the termites themselves. Hence in this article we will try and have a look at the various reasons for baiting termites instead of killing them outright. We hope that over the next few lines we will be able to answer the question what is best termites bait system. 

Why They Are Considered Efficient Tools
Of late there are has been a big shift towards using bait stations as a means of controlling the spread of these nasty pests. This is because there are some obvious advantages as far as these natural ways of controlling termites are concerned. They are supposed to be very environment friendly and it is something that has evolved over the years. It has gone through a lot of research and has not been used overnight. The whole approach is to try and mimic the food source of these pests which includes wood and cellulose which are their main sources of nutrients. 

They Do Not Pollute The Environment
One of the main reasons why it makes sense to know more about the answers to the question what is the best termites bait system is perhaps because it is very eco friendly and does not cause any damage to the environment. While the chemicals and other such agents that are used to control termites might be effective, they leave behind lot of damage to the environment which in many cases becomes permanent in nature. However, when one chooses the baiting option, we are able to trap these termites in their own game. Further they do not in any way damage the other living micro and macro organism which is not the case with synthetic agents. No chemical residue is placed because no chemicals are used in the first place. 

How It Actually Works On The Ground
This is considered to be a very attractive and result oriented method of controlling termites. It works on a simple logic. The marauding termites more often than not barge into this termite bait stations as they are called. Once they come across a bait station, they are in most cases marked closely by the worker termites as an important source of food. Hence they become attractive sources of food. Once they have been marked as alternate food sources the entire colony follows them. It also would be pertinent to mention here that termites often give off a substance called pheromone. It is a chemical that goads and drives other termites to follow suit and look for food in the termite bait station. However, it has to be borne in mind that not all stations will attract termites. It is quite likely that they could walk away from a termite bait station a few feet away to attack structures which could also be a few feet away from the stations. Hence, increasing the number of bait station will increase the chance of the termites making it their homes. 

How It Helps Exterminate The Pests

When one talks about getting the answer to the question what is the best termites bait system there are a few things that one should bear in mind. These bait stations are a rich source of some naturally occurring toxins. They are also called as stomach poisons. They are very safe and do not damage the environment in any way whatsoever. 

This is because the toxins are very selective and only target the termites without causing any ecological damage or environmental problems. There are a few more reasons as to why these bait systems or bait stations could be very effective. They have the capability of getting deep into a colony and making good use of these liquid termiticides or toxins as they are referred to. The moment termites get into touch with these toxins it is curtains for them and it will not be long before they are exterminated in hordes and even big colonies can be removed sooner than later. 

Hence when one takes into account all the information provided above there are many reasons to believe that it could be one of the most effective and safe methods of getting rid of this ugly and dirty pests. But it is very important to get the right information and knowledge about the same. Towards this objective there is no doubt that the internet can offer the best assisting tools and sources of information. There are many experts who share their experiences about such termite baits which are not only very effective but also very safe on the natural resources and environment. 

In fine there is hardly any doubt that going in for these natural bait stations are perhaps the way forward when it comes to effective and sustainable methods of termite control. While chemicals can offer short term solutions, they would wreak havoc on the surroundings and eco system when operated on a long term basis. Further there also is the need to also look at the root of the problem of termites and analyzing and treating the soil on which constructions are made could be a great way forward. 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Are Some People Immune To Bed Bug Bites?

Bed bugs are oftentimes some of the most annoying things to deal with in your home. When your beds have bed bugs, they can be tough to deal with considering they bite and can also lay eggs and cause even more potential bed bugs to grow. It's extremely tough to get rid of them once they spread throughout your bed. The truth about bed bugs is that there is so much to learn about them in order to properly get rid of them. One of the things most people want to know is whether someone can be immune to them after awhile.

How Do Beds Attract Bed Bugs?

Depending on the situation, it all depends upon what kind of home you have.
If your home is prone to open spaces that to may cause for some bed bugs to easily make their way into your bedroom, that could be the main reason. There are other things that can cause it, like a bad case of dirt or foods that may attract them to your bed. Anything that may cause them to be attracted to your bed will bring them there, and the biggest problem is when they duplicate and have more of their creatures jump in. The more they reproduce, the harder it is to get rid of them in your home.
Are Some People Immune To Bed Bug Bites?

It all depends on multiple factors and what exactly the type of bed bug it may be.
The truth is that some bed bugs are more tougher on the skin when they bite than others. Over the years, it has been reported that most people are actually not that reactive in regards to bed bug bites since they may not be so bad on the skin. Most people just believe that the bites from bed bugs are not that painful or don't give any type of feeling. However, it's important to remember this type of "common knowledge" does pose a few flaws, considering there are countless studies of different situations on the subject.

Bed bug bites can easily affect some people.
A study was done several years back where 24 people were asked to be bitten on purpose to check their reactions. Out of the 24 people, 11 of them reacted. Many other studies showcased that while not the majority of people reacted, a good number still experienced some kind of discomfort, pain, or some type of reaction that affected them negatively. It is true, however, that some people may be a bit immune to the feeling and eventually get used to it if they don't happen that frequently. Another study discovered that some people actually experience some serious problems once they experience consistent pain and bed bug bites over a longer time period.

It's important to remember that oftentimes these reactions are usually just allergic in nature.
It's common for their first bite to give no response, but the second and third future ones cause the body to lose out and experience more sensitivity. An infestation can be tough to overcome, and the continuous bites can either make a person either extremely allergic to them or stronger overall and more naturally immune from the bites. It can really badly affect you if you aren't so new to the bites depending on your current health.

Preventing Bug Bites

To help prevent future bites, you can easily reduce the chances on getting bitten by simply spraying lavender spray throughout your home. These creatures just hate this smell and its overall aroma. Just spraying it throughout your home and in some areas of your bed can help protect you. You can try maintaining a good and healthy diet, along with a reliable workout regimen can help you out in the long run.

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

- Cover Your Bed

It's vital that you continue to cover your bed thoroughly. There are specific mattress covers that you can have to be warped around your bed before you a teach your next s of sheets. This will force them to not find a way out, lose out on food and water, and eventually die out. It's a longer process, but it's a smart little way to sort of stop the problem of the bed bugs from going out of your bed and bite you. Covering your bed is also an effective and affordable way to fix the problem.

- Close Any Openings

If you have open cracks in your walls, bugs can find their way into your home. You want to prevent more from coming in to your home and living in your beds. Close up any open cracks in the walls or any openings that can allow for more bugs to enter your home. Simply closing in on these openings throughout your kitchen, bathrooms, and everywhere in your bedroom can help you save so much of your time for the long run.

- Pest Control Services

Pest control is truly one of the best ways to go if you want to save yourself from future turmoil with those annoying bed bugs. It's tough at times to deal with all the annoying pests that may be found in your home, but the key is to be prepared and to have pros handle the job. It'll be best if you in invested in pest control since they can handle the job, help prep event future bed bugs, and also prescribe to you some of the best tricks for improving your overall home to stay clean of all bugs entering your home.

There are countless ways you can get rid of bed bugs, but the best thing to do first is to ask for professional help since they can use all the right tools for protecting your home. Bed bugs are extremely tough to deal with, but the right prevention tricks is all you need to keep your home safe. Understand that even though you may be a bit more immune than others from the potential bed bugs bites, it's still worth it to get rid of there to avoid others getting bitten.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

How to Detect Bed Bugs at Home?

As soon as you hear the word bed bugs, many might conjure up images of dirty homes littered with food, dirt, and general poor housekeeping. That is very far from the truth as anyone living in Singapore can have bedbugs, from the poor, to middle class and the rich families. Not only Hotels and Guest lodgings have the danger of having bed bugs either.

Traveling business individuals that frequently sleep in different beds and other countries unknowingly bring those critters back to their own bed in Singapore. It hides in luggage, clothing, and any item that were exposed to any part of your luggage. Visitors also bring in infested shoes, baggage, clothing and more. If you recently moved to Singapore or had furniture or boxes delivered to your home, you could also unknowingly had a bed bug delivery.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

It is possible to find bed bugs almost anywhere as they can live without food for up to one year, but you would usually find them close to your sleeping quarters. It is a bed bug, after all and aptly named as it lives inside beds and bedding and feed while the bed’s occupants are sleeping and at night. Look at some of a bed bug’s prominent hiding places on their way to your bed:
· Beds
· Bedding
· Box springs of your bed
· Under tags, buttons and in seams of mattresses
· Headboards, bed frame, foot board
· Any cracks, corners, or screw holes in the bed’s frame
· Nearby bedroom furniture, dressers, nightstands, curtains, window sills, baseboard heaters, drawers and luggage in the bedroom
· * Recliners, sofas and upholstered furniture

When to Suspect That You Have Bed Bugs at Home
The best protection against bed bugs especially if you are a frequent traveler, have a frequent traveler in your household or have visitors from other places visiting you in Singapore, is looking for these signs:
· A sudden appearance of red, itchy skin welts in the morning
· Dried remains of possible shed skin of bed bugs
· Tiny dark spots on either the bedding, the bed box or mattress that appears to be droppings of some kind
· Small smears that appear to be blood, from a crushed insect

You have to keep in mind that other insect bites such as mosquitos, ticks, fleas, and many other can leave you with bites that look similar to that of bed bugs. When you have bites alone, it is not an indication that you have a bed bug infestation.

How Do You Detect Bed Bugs at Home?
As soon as bed bugs enter your home and remember they cannot fly, they will look for another hiding place apart from their entry point, which we established earlier by personal and unintentional transportation to your home. These places can also mean under wallpaper and switch plates apart from beds and bedding, but their goal is beds as they live of blood.
A female can carry eggs into your home as well aside from the creatures multiplying at a terrifying speed. Hundreds of bugs can be living inside your home before you notice anything indicating that you have an infestation. If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs, which will more likely, be bites that was not present before you went to bed without any signs of other insects in your home it is time to start an investigation in your bedroom.
You need to familiarize yourself with a bed bug’s behavior and feeding patterns as well as conditions then it will be easier to detect them. While they feed on your blood for example, it is common for them to leave droppings, which turn into blood smears as the feces is in fact blood. This is often the best method of detection especially when you use lighter bedding or white sheets on your bed.
Removing all your bedding, you need to look for physical evidence apart from live bed bugs itself, as this might prove to be more of a problem, as they would hide away. Turning on your light at night or actually setting an alarm clock to wake up before daylight and using a flashlight on your sheets might sound cloak and dagger, but remember that is their feeding time. However, do this for two weeks as they could go without food for a period and simply do not feed on that particular night.

Bed Bug Habit and Behavior
You have to know your enemy in order to destroy it and in this instance, understanding bed bug habits and behavior will make it easier to detect. Their living, feeding and reproduction times and cycles aid in finding an infestation before it escalates into a full-blown infestation. Continuous monitoring of bed bug presence will also prevent further bed bug problems after you got a bed bug specialist to clear your home.

Living Conditions:
· Tropical bed bugs love Singapore’s temperatures, as they require higher average temperatures than common bed bugs
· Common bed bugs are found anywhere that humans can live
· A bed bug can remain active and survive in temperatures as low as 46 degree Fahrenheit and high temperatures of 112 degrees Fahrenheit

· An egg to life cycle take about a month
· A female lays between one and three eggs a day
· In order to reproduce eggs both female and male bed bugs have to feed at least once in two weeks
· A bed bug must have a meal in order to develop to one of their six life stages

· Bed bugs prefer human blood, but it is not uncommon or them to feed of birds and mammals
· They will travel from their usual hiding spot anywhere between five and twenty feet to feed
· A typical feed takes from three to twelve minutes
· When very hungry they will seek food, that is your blood in daylight but primarily feed during the night

As soon as you established that you have a bed bug infestation in your lovely home in Singapore, immediately contact the specialists, as you will have an even harder time getting rid of them yourself than it was to detect them.

Friday, 2 October 2015

7 Things Bed Bugs Are Afraid Of

7 Things Bed Bugs Are Afraid Of and How to Use Them to Eradicate Bed Bugs 

Bedbugs are among the hardest pests to eradicate and are the most dreaded pests by homeowners. Any sight of a crawling bedbug on the bed sheets sends a cold shiver down the spine since these pests are renowned blood sucking monsters and difficult to eradicate. While in the past many people thought that these pests were common in dirty places only, time has proved that they can thrive anywhere as long as the environment is favorable and are left to breed.

One of worst things about bedbug infestation is that they find their way into your house quite easily. You can pick up one female bedbug from a hotel and eventually lead to an outbreak of bedbugs at your home in no time once it successfully lays its eggs within your house. They can also find their way into your home from bought furniture, sleeping at a friend’s bed that is infested with bedbugs, from hospital beds, from schools, from public vehicles and any other place where a bedbug can cling onto your clothing. Gladly, a vast majority is embracing the use of professional pest control service providers since do-it-yourself methods often prove futile. Nonetheless, understanding what bedbugs hate plays a significant role in their eradication.

In this regard, here is a list of 7 Things Bed Bugs Are Afraid Of that you can incorporate in your fight against bedbugs in your home:-

1. Light 
Bedbugs are nocturnal parasites and are often active during the night. They are photophobic and will always crawl away at the slightest glimpse of light. This photophobia can be effectively used in the control of bedbugs through frequently spreading your beddings outdoors in direct sunlight, including mattresses. Having removed the beddings and mattress from you r bed, you will also expose your bed into light, which will either scare away the bedbugs or at least pull them out of their hiding places. The latter is quite worthwhile, as it will help you make contact with professional pest control service providers in time before they spread widely in your house.

2. Intense Heat
Bedbugs are afraid of intense heat. However, this should be well differentiated from warmth, as bedbugs generally love warm places. Heat that is sufficient to scare away bedbugs should be in the range of 50 degrees Celsius and above. In any way, the greater the extents of heat, the more the bedbugs run away. Wherever possible, spread your beddings in direct sunlight and flush hot air on your bed. Just as light plays a significant role in the detection of bedbugs in a given place, flushing hot air on your bed will also help you drive them out of their hiding places and give you tangible evidence that you indeed need help from professional pest eradicators.

3. Plain Place and Well Organized Place
Bedbugs love breeding in places that they can easily hide. It is always worthwhile to ensure that your clothes are stored in an organized manner. Your dirty clothes should be kept in tightly closed dirty clothes’ bins and all clean clothes should be hanged on the closet.

4. Crack-Free Wood 
While most of the other pests hide on clothing and beddings, bedbugs love hiding in cracked wood more. When buying beds, tables, chairs and other pieces of furniture, always ensure that they are crack-free and that the edges of the wood do not leave cracks large enough to accommodate bedbugs.

5. Petroleum Oil Products
The scent of petroleum oil products is well known to drive away bedbugs. Applying petroleum oil on your furniture will always help drive bedbugs away or detect them once you drive them out of their hiding places.

6. White Beddings
Well, this may be closely related to bedbug’s photophobia but it works through a different mechanism altogether. White materials are known to reflect light and thus even when the light intensity is very low, the brightness of white beddings tends to amplify the intensity of the light. This creates an unfriendly environment for bedbugs.

7. High Oxygen Levels
It may be impractical to install oxygen aerators in your house but installing fans in your bedrooms in particular helps create an unfavorable environment for bedbugs. These blood-sucking parasites detect their host by use of carbon dioxide levels in their immediate environment and thus running your fan before you sleep tend to disorient them in their host-hunting mechanism. Eventually, they crawl away having missed you; their ultimate host.

By employing these tactics, you will have created an unfavorable environment for bedbugs as well as stand a better chance in detecting bedbugs in your house in time. With such early detection, you will be able to seek timely intervention from professional bedbug eradicators before the bugs spread widely in your house.