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8 Reasons To Sign Pest Control Contract For Your Restaurant

Signing a contract for pest control can be extremely important to you when it comes to controlling the invasion of insects, rodents, and termites in your restaurant. Insects and pests can spread the infection throughout the home, and the termite slowly absorbs valuable furniture. It can become very tense for you when you look at termite furniture food and look at the plague and infection in various places in your restaurant. Therefore, if you want to maintain proper hygiene in your restaurant and want to protect furniture against termites, you should contact a pest control specialist below are 8 Reasons To Sign, restaurant pest control contract

Effective removal plan:

Having, pest control contract with a certified pest control consultant is useful to you because the specialist will develop a practical plan to remove insects and rodents from your restaurant and provide you with an effective way to save them from restoration. The expert will develop a removal plan according to your specific needs and work in accordance with it. The expert checks the level of infection with pests and also checks your property to find the cause of the invasion. After careful checking, the professional will begin the task of removing pests in order to obtain qualitative results.


another great reason for signing a contract with the services of a professional company or contractor in the field of pest control, you can also get a flexible schedule for the implementation of the liquidation task. You can ask the contractor to check the repair the program over the weekend to remove the pests. Removal and pest control may take some time, so you must hire a contractor in your spare time so that you can get the most out of pest control services and constantly get rid of pests. After removing the pest, the contractor will check your property again to ensure that no pests have been found during the removal.

To maintain cleaning and hygiene:

signing a contract with a pest management service for the restaurant will help you maintain cleanliness and hygiene throughout the building. Thanks to the fact that your hotel is pest-free thanks to pest control, you can provide a clean and clean environment for your guests. You can secure every room in the hotel free of charge, which will demonstrate the right cleaning and will encourage customers to stay in the restaurant rooms.

To Stop Pest Plague:

Regular cleaning of the reastraunt will maintain sanitary conditions in the building throughout the year, but the regular removal of pests and insects through pest control services in the Restaurant. Pest can spread several types of infections in a hotel room, lounge, bars, kitchen, and lobby, which can make that your guests will be sick. Therefore, to avoid such situations, consideration should be given to the employment for pest control.

To Enhance Business Reputation:

The neat and clean environment will always raise the reputation of the Restaurant which will help you manage your business effectively, and multiply it in a short time. Your guests always prefer to check the condition of hotel rooms before making a reservation, that's why when you are looking at neat and clean rooms, you will definitely want to stay in a hotel. If you provide them with clean and pest-free rooms, they will get a positive opinion of your hotel, which will increase the reputation of your company in the future. However, if you neglect the selection of pest control services, it may negatively affect the status of your company.

To Save Precious restaurant Furniture:
Of course, in order to impress customers, you have to put the highest quality furniture in your restaurant. However, due to the invasion of insects and pests, you can suffer huge losses for damage to their expensive furniture. Pests, such as termites, can slowly damage your furniture and maybe need to be replaced with new ones, which may be a financial burden. Therefore, it is better to consult a pest control service before they get into trouble to replace expensive furniture with new ones, due to the severe damage caused by pests.

Maintaining hygiene

By controlling pests in your restaurant, you will be able to more effectively maintain hygiene and cleanliness in your place. Because of pests, it may be difficult to maintain the required level of hygiene in your restaurant and you may have to face some sanctions from the controlling authorities. Therefore, it is always worth consulting a restaurant service contractor to inspect pests in Sydney restaurants to ensure the highest level of hygiene in your restaurant so that people can enjoy their meals without worrying about the quality of food used.

Ensure safety and health of your client

Flies and worms in your cooking area will also annoy the chefs while cooking dishes for guests, and this will also prevent the food quality test, and the authorities will close your restaurant. That's why you need to focus on hiring pest management services because these services can bring you many benefits and your clients. Nevertheless, you prepare healthy and clean food for your customers, but you can not trust insects that are spreading disease in your restaurant. By employing a professional supplier of pest control products, you can get rid of these annoying worms and pests, as well as ensure food safety and the health of food lovers.


In addition, the restaurant owner cannot be qualified for the proper use of pest removal techniques. For example, fumigation can include home treatment to ensure not only full home coverage but also contain pesticides. This process can be very difficult, and because you use poisonous gas, it is better to seek professional help. When you find out about the problem of pests in your business, you should consider the best control methods. Without controlling pests you risk that the problem will increase exponentially to the point that damage to your things is almost certain. But more importantly, harmful pests that represent health, ecology or economics justify the need to fight pests. Even for aesthetic reasons, maintaining a beautiful restaurant can be difficult in the face of breeding pests.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

A Do-it-yourself Guide to Pest Control

Pests like ants, spiders, flies, cockroaches, rats, and termites have a tendency to destroy property and adversely affect your health. The regular visit of pest control service provider can help keep a check on these enemies of your home. However, you can take the control in your hands and employ effective do-it-yourself techniques to drive those invading pests away.

There are a variety of pests that infest and attack homes and offices, from rats to roaches, Bedbugs to fleas and ants to wasps and all of these pose threats to your property and your health. It is important that at the first sign of trouble action is taken immediately to eradicate the pests. With an array of pest control products for pest prevention on the market today, people can try their hand at doing pest control themselves, but most of the time things can get out of hand and the need for professional pest control becomes evident.

Starting with mosquitoes, there is a wide range of mosquito repellants in the market that you can equip yourself with. ThermaCell mosquito repellant device is a TV remote sized appliance powered by butane, which is an effective mosquito controller for outdoors. It relieves you from the stinking smell present in other pesticides. The lantern by ThermaCell is another helpful option to fry the mosquitoes. Mosquito Deleto by Coleman is an effective mosquito trap. Combination of spray insecticides along with mosquito repellants act as double shield and very effectively ward off mosquitoes.

Bed bugs can be done away effectively with some of the control products like Gentrol Aerosol, D-Force HPX and organic pesticide like Kleen Free, which uses a mixture of enzymes to exterminate bed bugs. Another preventive solution is to encase the mattresses in bug-proof covers. Rat traps baited with peanut butter and contraptions that attract rates in a box and kill with electric current are effective rat relievers. Even after ridding your home off rats, you also need to clean the home from its marks and nests. It is necessary to remove and clean the place of rats nest off germs.

Scent of citrus fruits act as effective repellant against spiders. Peels of lemon and orange can be placed at critical places in kitchen and rooms to keep spiders away from there. A spray can be developed by the cocktail of chilly pepper oil and vinegar. This spray when sprayed on web forces the spider to permanently leave that location.

Cockroaches are one of the most disturbing and dirty pests in any place – home or office. They can be effectively killed through many do-it-yourself options. Ultra MaxAttrax contains boric acid and it is a fast cockroach destroyer gel, it is very effective in reaching the hiding places of roaches. A non-chemical option is to use Victor UltraSonic which repels roaches and other pests by generating a high-frequency sound. Raid Egg Stop stops roach eggs from developing and it also sterilizes roaches.

Some of the big cities suffer from the most common of pests and although they all have pests some have more than others for instance Pest control has become a big problem recently with the infestations of bedbugs on the rise, Pest control is also suffering the same problem and this could be to do with the densely populated areas it has. Pest control has always had a serious problem with mice and this is probably to do with the underground system and closely knit terraced buildings.

So what kinds of pests are you going to expect to find? Mice for sure and lots of them, they have become the number one problem and this does not seem to be letting up. Ants work as a unit and concentrate and inhabit in specific areas and they viciously protect their chosen territories. Of the different species of ants, the Pharaoh ant is the most difficult to control as entire parades of shops and blocks become infested, control is much more difficult to achieve unless you have the co-operation of all concerned. Pest control & Integrated pest management is necessary to control Pharaohs Ants infestation in the home or workplace.

Rats are more commonly seen outside and Pest control has been difficult as the rats have been seen in many famous parks and open spaces and the restriction on pesticide use in these areas is very rigid. Rats can also breed and multiply quickly and are difficult to control within these restrictions. They pose danger both to property and to human health with their propensity for gnawing and chewing in order to keep the enamel down on their teeth, rodents have a knack for causing considerable damage to buildings and food warehouses and can pose health risks especially to children and small pets.

Usually, where there is one rat, there is a family of rats already infesting the property so quick and decisive action is pertinent. The importance of choosing the right Pest Control company to control & eradicate your pest problem is paramount to choosing the wrong company could cost you more in the future. Professional help to control pests is better and more cost-effective than you think. There have been many stories where someone has tried to treat their pests on their own and come unstuck.

Hence, it is an effective way to exterminate roaches from the root. Regular cleansing of garbage and under-portion of sinks keeps a regular control over cockroaches. Termites cause heavy loss to furniture and wooden property. Effective solution to termite problems can be Prufe Injectors from Copper Brite, United Kill Foam and Bonide Control Concentrate. Effective controls are based upon concepts of termites to carry the bait inside their colonies and then kill the population. Ants can be baited on the same line and exterminated. Flies can be kept in control by some precautions.

Garbage is the biggest attraction for flies. Hence the prevention should be initiated from garbage. Use lid covered bins and clean the bins regularly. One can effectively control the pest population by using set of precautions in combination with control measures. Choosing the right company can be difficult to check out this article as well to get tips on how to find a professional pest control company in your area.

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Pest Effects On Your Pets

From spring to autumn, pets are particularly exposed to different parasites: fleas, ticks, worms ... In fact, the habits of sunny days and heat increase the risk of infestation. Since prevention is better than cure, protecting your cat or dog against these nasty little invaders is essential. These can indeed cause small inconveniences but also diseases that would be life-threatening ( anemia of the dog, Lyme disease...). More serious, some of these parasites are transmissible to humans and can have dramatic consequences. For example, toxoplasmosis, the terror of pregnant women, may be mentioned. This can be contracted by frequenting an infected cat and can have serious consequences for the fetus. Thus, parasites of pets should not be taken lightly and should be treated, even in its isolated wooden niche .. The health of cats , dogs and their master are indeed valuable!

Parasites That Threaten Our Pets

Pets are likely to be invaded by different parasites. These can be external or internal.
Among the external parasites, the most common are fleas and ticks. Fleas bite their victim, cat or dog, to feed on their blood. They proliferate quickly and can cause serious skin problems to their victim.

In particular, they cause eczema. In the most severe cases, they can even cause anemia of the dogor the cat, also called feline infectious anemia, a disease that is transmissible to humans. On the tick side, they usually work alone. They cling to their host, often after a walk in nature, and drink his blood. Once sated, after a few days, they drop out. However, they can transmit serious diseases, such as Lyme disease. This can cause degeneration of various organs and systems.

Cats and dogs can also be infected with other external parasites such as lice or scabies.
Internal parasites are worms. Most often, they lodge in the digestive system. Thus, the tapeworm, commonly called the tapeworm, is placed in the animal's stomach and grows up until it is eliminated by treatment. It can reach two meters long and cause significant weight loss of the animal. Other parasites can still develop inside your four-legged companion: heartworm, roundworm, toxoplasmosis (in cats only) ... and their presence can also have dramatic consequences.

Dog health and cat health are closely related to the absence of parasites. How to avoid their appearance or, if they are already present, how to eradicate them quickly and efficiently?
Some actions can help you avoid the appearance of internal or external parasites in your dog or cat. First of all, be aware that the best prevention methods are medicated. It is therefore advisable to treat pets regularly against fleas and against worms.

Against the chips, several solutions exist. The most common are applications using pipettes. The active ingredient is deposited on the neck of the animal and protects it permanently against external parasites, without being able to be ingested. Some of these pipettes are even designed to protect the environment of the animal. Your home avoids fleas or lice nesting in a mattress or other place favorable to their development. The treatment is to be repeated several times a year. There are also sprays and shampoos . They are however more restrictive to apply. As for anti-chip collars, they are generally not recommended. Not very effective, they can be annoying for the animal. Indeed, they can be irritating and do not have all stall system if the animal clings with his collar.

Against worms, it is essential to deworm your pet twice a year. This product has a preventive and treating effect. Anti-flea treatments and deworming can be purchased at the pharmacy, at the veterinarian or in the pet store.

As noted, some parasites are transmissible to humans. The disease is called a zoonosis. So, if the health of catsand dogs are important, that of their master is even more important. To prevent the parasites from reaching you, you will have to take some precautions too. Be very strict first with the rules of hygiene. If you need to handle your pet's excrement, do so with gloves and immediately dispose of the bulky pack in an outdoor trash can or toilet. Note that contact with excrement is the main source of contamination. Also know that 14% of cats and 21% of dogs secrete parasites in their excrement. The proportion is significantly higher in puppies and kittens. Finally, be sure to wash your hands frequently after playing or stroking your pet and before cooking or eating.

Finally, choose a healthy environment. Regularly clean the surfaces your pet is in contact with. You can also use insecticides and insect repellents to prevent infestation of your home.

To see if a pest attack treatment is required, you must first be sure that your pet is infected.
For external parasites, an animal that is scratching should put the chip in your ear. Indeed, scratching sessions are the first warning signal. In this case, obtain a pipette, a spray or a shampoo against fleas.

The anti chip combs also exist to extract parasites your pet's coat. If you want to confirm the diagnosis before treatment, brush your cat or dog on a white towel. The black poop of naughty little beasts will be easily spotted once fallen on the immaculate linen.

Sometimes the flea infestation is more serious. You notice an eczema on the body or lesions on the ears of your pet. In this case, a visit to the veterinarian is required. This professional will propose a suitable anti-chip treatment and a dermatological cream to relieve the skin problems of your pet.

Ticks are more difficult to spot than fleas. If your pet is used to nature walks, check his fur regularly to make sure he does not wear one. If it is hit, find a tick for quick removal. A tip: do not wait to face the problem to buy this accessory. You can also go to the vet to withdraw. If your pet develops a disease later, remember to tell the veterinarian that he has already caught a tick. This can be at the origin of the disorders of the health of the cats and the dogs.

Infestation with worms is more difficult to identify. Be especially careful with an animal that goes out or hunts. Ingestion of raw meat or contact with faeces of infected animals may be the cause of transmission. As for the condition of the stool of your companion on all fours, it will give you a good indication: presence of unusual granules, diarrhea ... are indeed signs. Weight loss, lack of drive and rapid dehydration are also good warning signs. The presence of worms can indeed trigger diseases with such symptoms, such as dog anemia for example.

In case of doubts about the health of your dog or cat, always consult a veterinarian. Parasites can be the cause of serious disorders that must be met by appropriate treatment. Prevention and responsiveness are essential for the health of cats , dogs and their masters.

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Tips On Catching Cockroaches In Your Home

Cockroaches are one of the most popular insect pests on planet earth. Cockroaches are usually active at night. It’s not easy to spot them during the day. This means that they can live in your home, eat your food, breed and multiply without you knowing. They don’t bite, but they are very annoying. In light of this, it’s very important for you to find better ways to catch them and remove them from your

Here are tips on catching cockroaches in your home.
Check your home for cracks and small holes in the walls
Cockroaches are among the most creative insect pests. They can hide in plain sight and you won’t be able to find them. The best way to get rid of them is to identify their entry place. Like many other pests, they like to enter into people’s properties through small holes or cracks in the walls. Check your property’s foundation to see if there are any holes that can allow these pests to pass through. If you find any holes that pose a risk, fix them immediately. This way, your next problem will be how to deal with the ones that have already entered into your home. Eliminating the cockroaches in
your house without knowing how they entered your home won’t help you to get rid of them.

your home regularly
It’s normal to drop foods on the floor when eating, especially if you have young children in your home. Like many other household insect pests, cockroaches go to places where there is food. Cleaning the house thoroughly after every meal will help you to ensure that cockroaches don’t enter your house. However, if you want to catch them, you are advised to leave some food leftovers probably on the floor or sink to attract cockroaches. The only problem is you will be forced to wake up in the middle of the night if you want to catch them.

Check for water leaks

Apart from leftovers, moisture and leaking water are also known to attract cockroaches. Check your water piping system to see if there are any water leakages. If you notice any, they can serve as a trap to catch cockroaches and eliminate them from your home. With enough water, cockroaches can stay without eating anything for months. Once you catch enough roaches in these areas, you are advised to repair them to prevent further leakage, which will only attract more cockroaches. Additionally, don’t leave stagnant water anywhere in your house, including your kitchen and bathroom floors and sinks. Also, avoid applying excess water to your indoor flowers and other plants.

Consider creating your own cockroach traps
There are many cockroach baits that you can make at home. You only need the right materials to make your own traps. For example, you can use boric acid to make bait. Boric acid is usually found in products like toothpaste and clothing detergents and is one of the most effective tips on catching cockroaches in your home. However, you should put this bait in areas where your children and pets can’t access. The bait is easy to make, you just need to mix boron with water. Boric acid is less toxic to humans but very effective for catching roaches. This method alone cannot guarantee you complete
elimination of cockroaches from your home.

Consider hiring a professional
Catching cockroaches in your home may seem like an easy task, but sometimes things may get out of hand. If you are unable to get rid of these insect pests completely from your property, you are advised to seek the services of pest removal experts. They are highly trained and have been dealing with these
kinds of problem for many years. This means that they know how to identify their hiding spots, catch them, and remove them from your house. Also, they have the necessary tools and equipment required for this kind of work. Make sure that you hire a trustworthy company that uses friendly materials to catch cockroaches. Some chemicals could be harmful to your health and loved ones.

Make sure that your air conditioning unit is working well
Cockroaches like to inhabit homes with poor air conditioning systems. Naturally, these pests thrive in homes where temperatures are always high. In light of this, it’s in your best interest to make sure that
your home is cool enough to prevent cockroaches from invading your home and breeding. As much as you don’t have any power to control the weather, you can always control what’s happening in your home. Make sure that you maintain normal temperatures inside your home regardless of the weather outside.

Keeping your home cool will help you to get rid of cockroaches. To catch the ones already in your house, allow a specific area in your home to maintain high temperatures. All the cockroaches in your home will move to this region. This way, it will be easier for you to catch them and eliminate them from your house for good.

Consider using gel bait

Another effective way to catch cockroaches in your home is using gel bait. Use this bait in areas where cockroaches like to hide, including wall cracks, beneath baseboards, inside the drawers, under sinks, inside cabinets, behind refrigerators and crevices. Any place where roaches are likely to be attracted to is an ideal region to apply the get bait. One thing that you should know is that this bait is very effective. This means that there will be a lot of dead cockroaches in these places in a few days. You must be prepared to get rid of these dead cockroaches every day until you are certain about their extinction from your home.

Using bait station is another effective way to catch cockroaches in your home.
These systems are used to attract cockroaches to places where they like to hide and feed them poison. If other cockroaches feed on the dead roaches, the poison will be passed to them and they will eventually die. This method is recommended, but bait should be applied in places where children and pets can’t access. Using glue to catch cockroaches is also an ideal way to eliminate them from your property.

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How To Stop Mosquito From Breeding At Home

Mosquitoes have four stages of life; adult, pupae larva, and egg. The first three life cycles of the mosquito occur in the water. The adult stage, you think. Mosquitoes need water or a wet swamp as areas to take out of their eggs. Mosquitoes are known as a group of mosquito-like flies that draw blood from vertebrates and especially need human blood. Despite the fact that they were much safer for humans and that, somehow, even for people, they are great, they transmit diseases to people by sucking the blood. There is also the option of Mosquito Misting System that will allow you to recover your backyard from those annoying mosquitoes. It is the female mosquitoes that transmit the medicinal conditions to humans. And yes, he demanded that some mosquito control is performed to avoid additional occasions. Any homeowner can undoubtedly install one and to run a mill yard size backyard it should be possible early in the morning, and it can be bug-free.

Several of the mosquito control techniques include:

Confine access to stagnant water
Therefore, it is logical to think that to stop mosquitoes in their territory, you must restrict your access to stagnant water. Check your yard and your nearby trench. Are there stagnant water pools? Do you have water basins, buckets, low areas, children's pools? These are all mosquito breeding shelters. Discard and deliver anything, and I mean anything, that contains water.

Fill the lower areas of your yard that can continue with standing water. Make sure your garden has the proper revision for a satisfactory waste. In case you need to, call your nearby municipality if your trench is not running out regularly to get rid of it and the debris ducts. How do you see your flower beds? Are there areas under bushes and plants that remain moist throughout the day? Remove any grass or branch that allows this to happen. In case you find a way to restrict the opportunity for mosquitoes to sprout in your area, the number of adult mosquitoes that will need to be eliminated later is already decreasing.

Use mosquito burners

After you have made all these advances, in case you still have a problem with Mosquito Control Products, you should investigate the options of using Mosquito Foggers in your garden to kill adult mosquitoes and break the life cycle. Most do-it-without help from anyone bothering the control locations will have a mosquito control section that can plot chemical and mechanical strategies to kill the adult mosquito and options for the larvae. They should list how the particular technique affects the mosquito and what impact it will have on their family and environment.

End of breeding sites

Among the underlying things that must be carried out is to dispense with the reasons for the spread of mosquitoes. It usually breeds and places eggs in open holes with torpid water. Plastic jars, pots, rubber tires, rain gutters and, also, everything that can carry water is undoubtedly the perfect destinations for reproduction. So keep in mind that you should discard or clean them and do not leave water in it whenever possible.

Controlling the larva
If the elimination of breeding sites does not work as well, it is advisable to carry out the next stage and control the larva using a mosquito parricide. Parricides are known as insect sprays that manipulate immaturely and infant mosquitoes before they end up being the most ingrained mosquitoes.

Dealing with adult mosquitoes
Anyway, because the reality is that mosquitoes are ready to travel from small to long distance and raise hundreds in just days, it is best to manage adult mosquitoes. In general, this can be achieved through the use of pesticides within the usual resting places of these flying creatures, such as shrubs and other areas in the shade of the sun.
Using mosquito repellents, also, as people need to get out, however, these little flying creatures have fun in the morning. Apparently, it is better to use insect repellents that can be purchased at the driving stores. It is a section of mosquito control made by humans. Put the repellent on each exposed skin before leaving.

Despite the entrance of mosquitoes:
Sometimes it can be challenging to execute, especially when these little creatures need to enter our homes, there is no malice in continuing to keep them out by closing windows and doors safely. Creepy screens can be a decent method to keep mosquitoes from entering your home, so be sure to have one in every window and door of your home.

Catch mosquitoes

The traps have certain unique traits, developed by several years of research and which are valuable against several other rodent insects. You can place them in the house or even in their gardens, patios, and porches and enjoy a mosquito-free environment. These traps are friendly to the environment, easy to use and safe for their families, especially children. A mosquito trap produced by the company will have a heartbeat lighting system, included with Octomom lure for insects, which will be trapped inside the comfortable capture bag of the machine.

Uses 12-volt transformers
The 12-volt transformer produces heat for the surface and kills insects in a matter of minutes. You may need to have an area of ​​1500 square meters of space to adapt to the system and another that does, it will be easier to use and will not need rigid maintenance to function correctly. All you have to do is replace the lure with the insects once a month and unload the capture bag once every seven days to clean the corpses of the captured mosquitoes. Is not that a suitable method to protect you from mosquito sweaters? So hurry up today and buy a trap for your house today to enjoy a good night's rest without being bothered by the painful bites of the deadly insects.


Mosquitoes breed thousands and, generally, a fantastic amount of eggs relatively every two times, it will be precarious to fight against these creatures and kill all the people. All mosquito control actions work exceptionally well. However, some people were supposedly unable to do so. However, it is still best to take defensive measures to prevent them from reproducing on their grounds.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Ant and Ant Control Methods

A household pest that is probably overlooked at and underestimated mainly due to its size and feigned harmlessness is the ant. Compared to the more passive and far bigger cockroach, the ant is silently aggressive and constantly destructive. They are the embodiment of the popular phrase: small but terrible.

While ants have different species, sizes and colors, but they are still the same: utterly painful when they bite you and destructive when they go marching on. An ant bite can be itchy and worse, it can be a serious medical problem. The ant is probably one of the dirtiest creatures you could ever encounter.

They have swarmed over fresh and spoiled food, carcasses and corpses, feces and wastes. They leave trails, traces, and paths of destructions behind them. Remember that scene in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull where Col. Dovchenko was devoured by giant ants of the Amazon jungle? Sure, that was exaggerated for cinematic pleasure, but you can get the drift from there.
And by any great chance the ants have slipped through your kitchens and pantries and carrying with them harmful bacteria and microorganisms, you should put those ant-infested food to the trash bin for good measure. Yes, you do not want to be eating those! And you do not want to compromise your health, too.

Ant colonies can be harmful to electrical appliances and the whole house as well thus putting the family safety at stake. If they build their colonies inside an appliance, there might be chance that the wires, circuit boards and key parts may be short circuited. Worse, it may cause fire.

How To Control Ant Infestations

So, before these ants begin to swarm your food and ruin your eating pleasure, here are the several ways to control their invasions:

· Proper food storage and safekeeping.

This is the most basic, effortless and cost effective control method of all. After done eating meals, it is necessary to place leftover food in airtight plastic or glass containers. Store them inside the refrigerators if highly perishable. You can also use cellophanes to cover food containers. You do not want to give any chance however slim for these tiny pests to attack and destroy. They can smell their
way through their prey. This small action will save a lot of effort, money, and time. Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right?

· Hygiene and cleanliness.
The practice of proper waste disposal and household sanitation will not give any opportunity for ants to do their incessant scavenging. As they hunt for food, they search in every nook and cranny of your homes and offices, even in garbage areas. Regularly check and clean your cupboard and pantries and other food storage areas. And in the first sight that you see a colony of ants making a trail, you have to decisively end it. So, if you deeply practice and uphold cleanliness, you bet that your homes are not infested, if any at all.

· Household maintenance.
You should be regularly checking your house if there are leaking or busted pipes, repair them right away. Call for a plumbing service company if you are unable to or incapable of. If there are moldy areas, clean it immediately and keep it dry. When a mound cropped up from your front or backyard, it is likely that it is a home to colony of ants. Destroy it in an instant. If there are cracked walls and tiles leaving a crevice for them to creep in, apply grouts to seal off any openings. There is also a criminological theory that can be applied here. It is called the broken window theory. It is associated with proper maintenance of the urban environment to prevent commission of small crimes and vandalisms. A neglected part of the house which is lying in state of disrepair sends the signal that
disorder and decay are permissible.

· DIY methods.
You can easily scour the Internet and Google your way to find several seemingly easy, practical and cheap Do-It-Yourself methods. The popular home-made ant control methods you can find are the use of essential oils, vinegar, borax, and cotton balls. You can try them all though it may not be 100% guaranteed that it will totally eliminate the ant problem.

· Commercially available solutions.

There are pesticides, traps, baits and other liquid solutions available in the market. For pesticides and solutions, please check the products, labels, directions, and date of expiration. Be diligent in applying these solutions, it may be harmful if mishandled. Use mask and gloves and there should be proper ventilation when applying the solutions or pesticides. Of course, do not allow little children within
arms-length while doing this. And store your solutions tightly and beyond their reach. They might play with it when you are not looking.

· Professional services.

If the ant infestation problem has gone down to a full-blown household, business and industrial crisis, you can seek the professional services of pest elimination and control companies. They will apply curative and preventive methods and practices that they developed over the course of their business operations. Please do check their competency, experience, certifications, customer reviews, and service guarantees before to engage their services. They may have the necessary solutions to your ant infestations issues. You will only go this route however when these colonies became intrusive and economically destructive.

In any instance especially if living in condominium buildings, secure government and building permits if necessary, inform the property management office of such activity will be conducted inside the building premises, post notification in visible areas that you are applying ant control and prevention measures. Other tenants and dwellers should be properly informed and made aware of to prevent any legal and health-related issues raised against you and the pest control company. You just do not want to add another problem and a bigger and more expensive at that because of a simple negligence and oversight.

· Teach your children well. Toddlers and little children are normally messy. If unsupervised or unguided during meal time, it can be very messy. And ants are just too happy to join in the fray. At a young age, you can teach them to be neat and tidy especially when they eat their food and drink their milk or juice. You can also train them to tidy up their play area. You do not want them to be bitten by ants.

Now that you learn a few of the helpful and practical ant control methods, you can go on the exterminator mode and hunt these small but terrible predators down.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Tips and Methods of Effective Pest Control

Having pests at home can be a nuisance especially if you have limited knowledge on how to handle them. Most people cannot entertain the idea of bugs creeping and crawling all over the house. Many websites and blogs have written different articles on pest control, most of the articles have conflicting information. This may overwhelm you and leave you wondering which methods you need to follow.

Worry no more; this article will give you useful and practical solutions for common household pests.
With a few preventative procedures and DIY measures, pests in your house will be a thing of the past. Pests are usually attracted to water and food. Take out the garbage regularly, clean the kitchen thoroughly and store your food in tight containers. If you can’t handle controlling the pests, leave it to the professionals. Specialists use sophisticated and proven techniques like fumigation to get rid of the pests. You can alternatively do it yourself without necessarily using any harmful chemicals. The best bug controls are harmless. Natural pest control methods are just as effective as the toxic chemicals that degrade the environment. Besides, they help protect our loved ones, our pets, our communities and to an extent, the world.

Tips for Pest Control

• Consider alternative methods to pesticides first.
• Schedule an inspection before purchasing or selling your home. Your potential buyer will be glad to know that the house is bug-free.
• Buy natural and safe products that can be trusted. Check the labels keenly before buying any product.
• Only buy pesticides that are designed for the pests you intend to treat.
• Follow label instructions to the letter and use the least amount possible.
• If you suspect pesticide poisoning, seek medical attention immediately.
Ignoring the above tips may give you undesired results. Incorrect use is not only ineffective but also dangerous.

Methods of Pest Control

1. Preventive Measures
You have probably heard this before; prevention is better than cure. The best step towards pest control is not to invite them inside in the first place. You need to be vigilant to keep an eye out for potential pest infestation. Never ignore surroundings that could attract pests.

• Get rid of stagnant water.
• Cover your food and drinks.
• Avoid storing wood near your home.
• Minimize pests hiding spots.
• Keep your gutters clean at all times to prevent mosquito breeding.

If pests have already made your home theirs too, you need to act fast. Among the most commonly used methods are natural repellents for particular insects and natural killing sprays. Regardless of the size of your home, there are measures you can take for your precise bug trouble.

2. Barriers

Pest barriers are meant to prevent both crawling and flying insects like ants from entering your home. They act like barbed wire - practical and economical. We’ll discuss them in detail below.

• Cucumbers – cucumbers are probably your favorite vegetable. What you probably do not know is that the cucumber peelings are also an effective ant deterrent. The strips work better when they are bitter. To prevent ants from entering your home, spread cucumber peels at the entry points. This will send the ants scurrying. There you go, this is a tried and tested remedy that will not pose any health risks to you, your family or your furry companion.

• Garlic – garlic is a popular natural insecticide for mosquitoes. To use it efficiently, grind it up and mix it with water and apply at the entry points.

• Pennyroyal, peppermint, and spearmint – these plants are known to repel aphids and ants. Grow them around the periphery of your home. Plant basil and mint under the windows and around doorways to repel flies. The plants have a sweet scent that you will enjoy inhaling.

• Ash, sand, and copper – these deter the movement of snails. You can apply them to entries or walkways to keep them away from your home.

• Seal cracks to prevent entry of moisture that attracts most pests. Most pests enter your home in search moisture that is essential for them to survive. Be consistent in using the barriers for best results.

Natural Repellents and Insecticides

As mentioned above, it is advisable to avoid harmful pesticides that not only pose significant health concerns but also reduce effectiveness with continued use.

• Boric acid is an effective killer of cockroaches and other annoying insects.
• Powdered sugar mixed with baking soda in equal proportions is an excellent way to get rid of cockroaches from your kitchen. For best results, spread the mixture into areas you normally see them and wait for them to vanish.
• Cloves are a natural deterrent against winged pets like moths. Create a water trap by filling a bowl with water and leave a bulb or torch suspended over it. They will be attracted to the light, crash, burn and eventually fall into the water.
• Grounded rosemary leaves sprinkled on your pet’s coat, or its bedding will ward off fleas.
• Neem oil contains the compound sallanin that repels and kills insects like spider mites and mosquitoes. Being a natural product, you can add a few drops of neem oil to your lotion and apply the mixture just before going to bed.
• Cayenne pepper – when mixed with water and a few drops of ivory soap, the mixture kills termites and other insects.
Use the simple natural solutions listed above, and you will love the outcome.

4. Fumigation

In extreme cases, have your home inspected by a licensed pest control operator. Bedbugs are particularly becoming a nuisance to many homeowners in Singapore. Fumigation helps to kill bugs more efficiently. It utilizes toxic gas to exterminate pests in an enclosed house. For bad infestations, it may be the only method that will work. If improperly done, the gas is harmful to humans. You, therefore, need to take extra precautions. You should vacate your home together with your family and pets for a minimum of three days. Ensure you seal food and any consumables in the house before leaving. You will sleep well knowing that there are no critters to worry about.


Home pest control methods should be both effective and safe. On top of the knowledge you may have of the natural remedies and their application, you need to incorporate products manufactured from non-synthetic ingredients to get rid of the pests at home. These elements include naturally occurring compounds, natural oils, and other non-toxic ingredients. Feel free to share the above information with your peers.